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Telecom Services

Telecom Services

We provide microwave, wireless and fiber telecommunications with turnkey solutions in the Infocomm industry, telecommunications development and diverse experience, extensive organizational knowledge, and valuable human resources that enable us to meet high quality services of world class standards and in line with the development of technology.

Services We Offer:
  • IBS – Indoor Building System Installation and Support
  • Tower - BTS Maintenance and Support
  • Telecom Equipment (Satellite, Microwave, Solar, Generator, etc.) Installation
  • Network Planning & Design Services

Our System Engineers ensure that the network is appropriately optimized, that future expansion needs are accommodated, that project engineering documentation standards are maintained, and that the test and commissioning procedures and associated site documentation are defined and completed. Detailed planning of topology is the most important aspect of the network design and build program phase. A well-engineered network can reduce costs of operation and pave the way for future expansion. As a partner in our customers’ business success, Sule Tech Solutions takes full responsibility for, or assists in, the design of our customers’ networks.

Typical Network Engineering Services include:

  • Service Activities Results Path Studies Site Surveys Frequency Planning
  • Topographical map study
  • Study of local zoning plans
  • Physical path inspection
  • Theoretical path analysis
  • Performance criteria compliance determinations
  • Preparation of Bill of Materials
  • Physical traversing of path • Documentation of obstructions
  • Inspection, measurement, and evaluation of all facilities and infrastructures
  • Path analysis reporting • Interference calculations
  • Frequency assignment
  • Licensing paperwork
  • Validation of site selection
  • Verification of radio path
  • Component determinations
  • Accuracy in site selection
  • Adequacy of facilities
  • Confirmation of site propagation characteristics
  • Ease of licensing applications
  • Confirmation of equipment order
Telecom Experience
  • AVIAT’s local service partner, and working on upgrading 86 Microwave Links Upgrade in Myanmar
  • Installs 400+ new ODU 600s at 172 sites
  • Allocates Frequency
  • Transport and Install antennas (1.8m, 2.4m, 3m) at 172 sites
  • Update system software, configuration and commissioning
  • Number 1 service provider for IBS Implementation (in building system) for Huawei Myanmar.
  • Provides Site Acquisition Service for both MPT and TELENOR
  • In addition, we have completed various TE implementation projects (nearly 500 sites) as follow:
  • In Building System Implementation
  • Full Turn Key Tower Equipment Installation
  • LTE Upgrade
  • Small Cell Implementation
  • Power Modernization
  • Walk-Test and Technical Surveys